The Slave of the Black Knights

Slave of Black Knight | The Slave of the "Black Knights" Is Recruited by the "White Adventurer's Guild" as a S Rank Adventurer | ブラックな騎士団の奴隷がホワイトな冒険者ギルドに引き抜かれてSランクになりました
Slave of Black Knight


I worked like a slave in the chivalric order, where all the rewards were exploited by the higher-ups. But one day, I was scouted by a little girl who called herself a guild master.

Initially, I accept it half-jokingly, but after I was shown a great sum of advance payment, I decided to leave the chivalric order. When I arrived at the guild, even the title of S-rank was prepared for me.

—This is a success story of a man who never had a good thing since he was born.


Additional Notes

Chapters 1-7 by Ace Scans. Starting Chapter 8 onwards are collaboration chapters between Flame Scans and Ace Scans.

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The Slave of the Black Knights