Baek Clan’s Terminally ill Young Master

백씨세가 시한부 공자 | The Terminally Ill Young Master of the Baek Clan
백씨세가 시한부 공자


[By JC Webtoon Studios, creators of the series ‘Reformation of the Deadbeat Noble and The Academy’s Undercover Professor’]
Baek Lee-Kang, the Young Master of the Baek Clan, one of the members of the Seven Great Clans of the Central Plains.

He was destined to not live past the age of twenty due to his condition of having severed veins, the Lunar Severed Veins, which made him unable to accumulate Ki and left him terminally ill.

One day, when he was staying in a manor to peacefully spend the last of his remaining days in his life, Lee-Kang is ambushed by a by a group of people wearing black masks, and he ends up losing his maid So-Hwa, who was like a sister to him.

Lee-Kang escapes to the hidden underground tunnel to run away from the pursuit of the masked people.

Once he is at the end of the path, he pulls out a rusted sword pierced into the floor in hopes to die fighting…

[ The descendant shall be respectful in your behavior towards your greatest leader. ]


The ghost of the world’s strongest being, the Immortal Divine Sword Baek Sung-Cheon, who led the Baek Clan to an age of prosperity 200 years ago, appeared before his eyes.

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Baek Clan’s Terminally ill Young Master